7 of the Best Adventures in the World

Marvel at the stunning scenery in Antarctica
Why go: See stunning views of massive glaciers, the penguins and other wildlife, and learn more about this beautiful continent

Expore the wilderness at Yellowstone National Park (USA)
Grand Prismatic Spring Yellowstone National Park
Why go: A wide array of outdoor adventures like biking, kayaking, and trekking in the midst of awe-inspirng and breathtaking nature scenery

Trek to the summit of Mount Roraima (South America)
Angel Falls
Why go: Hike through dense rainforest with views of towering sandstone table mountains (tepuis) and see Angel Falls — the highest waterfalls in the world

Hike the Milford Track (New Zealand)
Milford Track
Why go: A popular and regulated hiking trail that offers a majestic views of lakes, mountains, and waterfalls among other brethtaking nature scenery

Zipline with a view of a verdant forest canopy (Costa Rica)
costa rica
Why go: Hike through a rainforest, trek to an active volcano, and experience the local culture

See the snow leopards in Hemis National Park (Ladakh)
snow leopard in Hemis National Park
Why go: Experience a challenging hike and go camping enroute to see the majestic snow leopards

Go on a husky safari (Finland)
husky safari Finland
Why go: Experience the wilderness with a team of dogs