5 Best Destinations for Off-the-Grid Adventures

In an increasingly connected world, finding a place to go off the grid may seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, there are still many places in the world where you can unplug and immerse in real-life experiences away from the constant hustle that define urban life. If you are looking for a remote getaway where you can disconnect from the outside world, here are some of the best destinations for some off-the-grid adventures.

Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador
Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador
Galapagos Islands may be Ecuador’s most famous nature attraction, but the Ecuadorian Amazon is not far behind. The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador has boasts of a rich and awe-inspiring biodiversity with a wide array of species. It is becoming a destination of choice for people who want to enjoy some time off the grid. One of the best places for a getaway is The Huaorani Lodge which provides travelers with an opportunity to experience the Huaorani culture and be part of the surrounding natural environment. It also offers plenty of opportunities for activities like canoeing, hiking, and hunting among others.

Bhutan has long been an isolated country by choice. Even as it welcomes more tourists than in the past, travel to the country is still regulated with a limit to the number of tourists allowed every year. Its unique brand of isolation may be one of the reasons Bhutan is a great place to spend time, preferably lots of it, off the grid. Here, you can hike and explore valleys and mountains, see beautiful and remote Buddhist monasteries, and marvel at the pristine environment.

Zanzibar, Tanzania
The Chumbe Island Coral Park in Zanzibar is nature reserve and sanctuary that offers an idyllic place to get away from city life. It is home to hundreds species of fish and a stunning array of coral. Visitors can stay in one of the handful of bungalows and experience life on an island with no electricity that could power devices and gadgets that will take the attention away from the breathtaking views.

Great Bear Rainforest, Canada
Great Bear Rainforest
The Great Bear Rainforest is a vast roadless wilderness that spans six million hectares. Visitors travel through the fjords to explore this amazing place teeming with natural wonders. It is home to a wide range of wildlife including the Kermode (Spirit) bear, bald eagles, and more. Sightings of dolphins, sea lions, sea otters, and whales are also common as the place also boats of a rich aquatic life.

Mongolian camel in Gobi Desert
There is no dearth of places to go off the grid in Mongolia. At the Gobi Desert, the Three Camel Lodge is a place where visitors can disconnect from the digital world and soak in the rejuvenating powers of nature. Here, you can stay for a while surrounded by stunning desert and mountains.

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Home

Improving your home can be an adventure too, which is why we’d like you to join us as we tackle the significance of upgrading your abode.

Reason #1: To make the house more comfortable and efficient


Renovating your home can make you and your family more comfortable. And when you’re at ease, you can enjoy together more. Upgrading your home can make you want to stay at home even more, and there are numerous benefits attached to that such as spending less money outdoors. Besides, there’s no place like home, right? So if there’s no other, wouldn’t it make sense to upgrade the most important place there is?

Upgrading for your comfort also means increasing the efficiency of your house. Installing new windows and other devices that are eco-friendly will not only make your house look good, it’ll also help you contribute to the green project. Energy-efficient appliances may have expensive price tags, but they can help your home become friendly to the environment.

Reason #2: To recondition the function of the home

Renovating can mean more space for the parents, the children, or for everyone including the visitors. Upgrading your home by adding more space means there’s more that can be done at home. Your house will function a lot better if there’s more space, after all. Plus, changing a few faucets, the kitchen floor, and the light fixtures will make your home more elegant and functional at the same time.

Reason #3: To upgrade the style of your home


Improving your home isn’t just for you; it’s also for the visitors. You wouldn’t want them to use a dirty or old bathroom, would you? Making your house look more attractive than before will benefit not only your mood but also the mood of your guests whether their visits were expected or not.

Reason #4: To increase safety

One important reason why you should improve the house is for safety purposes. Roof leaks, electrical problems, cracks in the walls—these are issues that need immediate solutions. You can’t ignore them because the more you ignore, the more damage they can cause.

It’s also a wise decision to add safety devices to your house to prevent thieves from breaking in and ruining your humble abode.

Reason #5: To improve the value of the home

If you’re planning to sell the house after a few years, then you really need to renovate some or most of its parts if not all. Upgrading it will allow more buyers to get attracted to it, and the value of your house can be increased. Remember, homebuyers usually look at the kitchen, bathroom, and living space more than other parts, so be sure to invest in them. To sell your house, you must also be aware of the colors that should be combined—yellow and red walls aren’t pleasant, but neutral-colored walls add to the aesthetic value of a home.

house-tools-upgradeAnd there you have it! I’m sure you need equipment for your upgrades, so be sure to visit http://gardeningandhome.com/reviews-buying-guides to find the best machines that can help you upgrade your home.

Carrying Weed on a Plane: Is it Legal?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says carrying medical or recreational marijuana on the plane is not allowed. The TSA isn’t the only one responsible for checking your bags for marijuana and other drugs. The Department of Transportation, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration, is in charge too. This means you’re subject to federal laws.

Safety Processes


Air passengers are always examined for safety purposes. In case the TSA suspects a passenger for criminal activity, the TSA officer will refer the issue to a local state law enforcer. Air passengers who are held up for cannabis possession at an airport, it’s normal to permit the state to prosecute the possession as per its laws, instead of referring it to the federation.

Traveling Between States

Even if you’re about to visit a country that legalizes cannabis, you still have to be aware of the regulations of the airport. There are airports that will inspect your boarding passes to make sure it’s legal for you to carry cannabis on both ends of your journey, while some may instruct you to throw your marijuana so you could pass through security.

You also have to check the amount limitations. It’s also recommended to travel with a copy of your medical marijuana card or a letter from your state proclaiming your right to use the drug.

Know more about cannabis in Thomas’ article.

Final Tips


It’s best not to carry cannabis instead, even if that’s legally bought. Some agencies might not detect the drug in your luggage, but in case you are constrained by additional search and they find out, you can get criminally charged by the municipal, county, or state law enforcer.

Ensure that you do not possess any amount of marijuana by checking your pockets, carry-ons, and luggage. Saying, “I don’t know anything about that” isn’t acceptable at all. Study your local state laws about marijuana and as well as the state laws of the country you’ll be visiting. If you’re unsure, call the airport about their policies too—it’s better safe than sorry.

Why You Should Adventure With Coffee


Adventures are not just meant for us to see places we’ve never gone before or we’ve only seen from pictures before. Because just like how it affects our lives after taking a breather from the hustle and bustle of our work lives back in the cityside, it also helps us see places in a different perspective and in the physically healthiest way possible – even if it’s as simple as making a camp in a deep forest or reading a book as you see the sun set over that horizon overlooking a great mountain.

Adventures are also not meant for us to experience things we’ve never done before or we’ve only heard from stories before. Because just like how it affects our lives after making a changer from the calm and peace our home lives back in the countryside, it also helps us experience things in a new way and in the mentally fittest way possible – especially if it’s as elaborate as taking a dive on a high cliff or drinking a smoothie as you see the sun rise over that horizon overlooking a great ocean.

Now, what more if you adventure with coffee – or better yet, one that is made with those found on https://coffee-channel.com/best-espresso-machines-under-500/?

You see, coffee will not just be there by your side for when you need to boost your energy to last the entire day without getting tired easily from seeing all those places as already mentioned above. It will also serve as your protection, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties that helps fight off critical diseases from coming your way unexpectedly and especially if you’re having an adventure going places in a different perspective.

Now, what even more if you adventure with coffee?

You also see, coffee will not just be there by your side for when you need to boost your immunity to last the entire day without getting pained that easily from experiencing all those things as already mentioned above. It will also serve as your preservation, thanks to its antioxidant properties that helps fight off crucial distractions from coming your way inevitable and even if you’re having an adventure doing things in a new way.

And it’s all because at the end of the day, adventuring with coffee makes every single place you’ve seen worth going. And it’s all because at the end of the day, adventuring with coffee makes every single thing you’ve experienced worth doing.

And that’s why you should adventure with coffee…

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Why You Need to Spray-Paint Beautiful Sights

Travels. Travels. Travels.

Who wouldn’t want to explore the world? Who wouldn’t want to experience the calmness of the wind? Who wouldn’t want to see the elegance of nature?

Everyone loves traveling. It’s in our human nature to appreciate what surrounds us.

And if you’re a traveler, chances are taking pictures is something you always do. I mean, how else could you make the memory last, right? But did you know that sometimes, taking a picture isn’t good enough? For one, it finishes the opportunity for you to get more creative. Let me explain that further. When you take a picture, you try to figure out the best angle, the ideal position or pose of the subject, and sometimes the best filter. And then that’s it. Sometimes you don’t even try to find the best angle; you just take a photo instantly. Am I right?

Taking Photo Smartphone Person Mobile Phone

This is where spray paint comes in the picture. No, not literally. Spray-painting what you just took a photo of isn’t just about unleashing your inner creativity. It also makes you more appreciative of nature by noticing even the tiniest detail of the picture so that you could replicate it on a canvas. Painting makes you reminisce about the feeling you had while you were gazing at the scenery, while you were taking that photo.


Spray-painting even helps you relax by relieving you of stress. This activity isn’t just for creative purposes. It also exists to make you feel good. In fact, your mental health will also be improved because painting can sharpen your memory. What’s more, your hand-to-eye coordination can improve with it. One thing that makes spray-painting distinct from brush painting and others is that the blending of paint is challenging. You have to know where exactly to paint and how to blend the colors to make a beautiful work of art. The challenge itself makes you more patient. Later on, that patience will move past the painting zone, and before you know it, you’re a lot more patient and more positive than you used to.


Clearly, spray-painting beautiful sights isn’t as simple as we thought it was. As for me, I’m going to read the list of top 5 paint spray guns after this and start my painting journey. Care to do the same?

Bring These When Going On a Road Trip


  1. Mozzarella string cheese – Enjoy the entertainment brought by string cheese!
  2. Beef jerky – Going for a long trip? You’ll need protein! It’s best to stick with beef jerky with few preservatives and sodium, so read the label red green apple slicedbefore purchasing one for the road!
  3. Fruits – Apple slices, grapes, apricots, cherries, and mandarin oranges are the most popular road trip fruits.
  4. Pepper strips – These contain loads of soluble fiber to help you with your digestion. They also have phytonutrients that can keep your body healthy and away from diseases.
  5. Peanut butter sandwich – You might be wondering why it’s not peanut butter and jelly, well, we wanted to keep you far from sugar as much as possible. A PB sandwich is an excellent source of protein and fat, making you feel full.
  6. hard boiled eggs bowlHard-boiled eggs – Eggs, eggs, eggs! They’re easy to bring and eat, plus they are loaded with vitamins and minerals.
  7. Protein bars – Again, buy the healthier options of protein bars with few ingredients. Choose bars with lots of fruits, seeds, and nuts.
  8. Sunflower seeds – Want snacks that are easy to consume? Bring sunflower seeds! They’re a good source of healthy fats, and they also help keep your heart healthy.
  9. Mixed nuts or almonds – Just like #8, these snacks are ideal for your heart.
  10. Muffins – Bake muffins with your favorite ingredients! Trust me; they are more nutritious if they’re homemade.muffins_foods_baked_cupcakes_baking_pans_delicious_tasty
  11. Yogurt – Need fiber, energy, and other healthy nutrients? Yogurt got you covered! I suggest you settle with yogurts with fruits and nuts. You might want to consider yogurts without spoons too (squeezable ones are perfect for kids).
  12. Sliced carrots – Don’t miss this chance to eat healthily! Grab baby carrots or slice large ones and pack them for the road.
  13. Baked potato chips – If you can’t have a road trip without junk food, then stick with baked potato chips instead of fried ones instead.


  1. Water – I don’t think you’ll be needing an explanation for this one.
  2. Coconut water – In case plain water is becoming a bit dull, try this one.
  3. Homemade juice or smoothie – Make the road trip more exciting with cool, refreshing smoothies! The great thing about homemade juices is you can incorporate as many greens as you like for a healthier body. If you don’t own a blender or juicer yet, check out the best blender for green smoothies under $200.

Must-Haves When Going On Adventures

adventure travel

Going on adventures can be daunting, especially for first-timers. The idea of not knowing where to go and how long you might be on the road can be too overwhelming rather than memorable.

But you know what?

Going on adventures can also be delighting, even for first-timers. The idea of not knowing where to go and how long you will be on the road can actually be inspiring rather than unmemorable.

Thus, it’s only right for you to bring these must-haves when going on adventures:

Water Bottle

Going on adventures takes time, as you roam the place; and takes effort, as you familiarize the place. Those being said, make it a point to bring a water bottle with you. Or better yet, make it a point to fill that water bottle all day. This will not only allow you to replenish yourself after exploring a place the whole day, but also allow you to keep that energy running as you explore more of a place the whole day. Even more so, this will not only allow you to regulate your body’s internal functions while sweating, but also allow you to maintain your body’s external functions while drying.

Homemade Snacks

As mentioned before, going on adventures takes time, as you roam the place; and takes effort, as you familiarize the place. Those being said, make it also a point to bring a homemade snack with you – even ones you can make with those seen on bread maker reviews online. This will not only allow you to rejuvenate yourself after exploring a place the whole day, but also allow you to keep that energy bouncing as you explore more of a place the whole day. Even more so, this will not only allow you to stabilize your body’s internal functions even if you didn’t eat any kind of food for the day, but also retain your body’s external functions even if you didn’t drink any kind of beverage for the day.

BONUS: Emergency Kit

Going on adventures will not only take time and effort, but also energy and motivation. And when faced in unexpected situations like getting lost in the woods or getting stuck in the cave, the latter  ones are easily prone to get drained quickly. Those being said, make it a point to bring an emergency kit with you – not just for when you get injured, but also for when you face other unexpected situations like not being able to climb back up easily during a mountain trip.

Get Closer To Nature In The United States

park and garden

Ever felt like the world is going up against you? Ever felt like your world is crashing down?

It’s time for you to get closer to nature, especially if you’re living in the United States – where there’s no shortage of picturesque views and relaxing spots.

Getting closer to nature is not just about keeping the environment clean. It’s not just about keeping the environment safe. It’s not just about keeping the environment livable for humans, as well as habitable for wild animals. It’s about realizing the importance of Mother Nature. It’s also about discovering your inner self. Most of all, it’s about appreciating those around you.

That being said, here’s where you can get closer to nature in the United States:


Riding a bicycle, walking your dog, flying a kite – these are only some fun activities you can do in parks. But here’s where it gets more fun: you’ll see for yourself how bright the sun really is, you’ll experience for yourself how cool the wind really is, and you’ll know what it’s like to be somewhere you can see the wonders of nature itself for your mind (with all those picturesque views) and experience the miracles of nature itself for your well-being (with all those relaxing spots).

For this, check out American beauty landscapes such as those found in Oregon’s Mount Hood National Forest and Crater Lake National Park.


You don’t need to be someone with a green thumb, just to smell how fragrant those flowers really are and to see how tall those trees really are. You also don’t need to be someone with a passion for gardening, just to feel how lucky we really are for Mother Nature and to experience how blessed we really are with Mother Nature. Garden will not just make you appreciate the beautiful things in life, but also make realize how beautiful life is.

For this, make it a point to visit the cherry blossoms in St. Louis’ Missouri Botanical Garden and the cacti in Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden.

Adventures as a Way to Find Your Purpose in Life


Not many people are clear about their purpose in life. Some may just be coasting along while others may be trying to figure it all out with not much success. Discovering true passion or the things that matter most in life may be tricky, especially for those who are caught in the seemingly endless loop of daily routines and responsibilities. Sometimes an adventure provides not just an escape but a much-needed time away from what is familiar and comfortable to see things from new perspectives and reevaluate life. It is often in the midst of adventures that you learn more about your passions. And somehow, along the way, you may even be inspired to follow your interests or the things that are most important to you.

Following your bliss. An adventure may require some planning, but it also makes room for a lot of serendipities and surprises. It gives you opportunities to know what you love by doing the things that make you happy. You enjoy the moment and you learn to trust your instincts when you are out there experiencing the world.

Developing self-awareness. Adventures help develop self-awareness. You learn to pay attention to what is on your mind and what you think most. Sometimes the things that your mind dwell on most of the time may be pointing to your passion or purpose.

Acknowledging or discovering your talents. Discover what you are good at. Sometimes the things you enjoy doing bring out your best abilities. Bu since they usually come naturally to you, it is possible that you may fail to notice them. You can get some clues from compliments you receive from others. Chances are your talents and innate skills lie in things people compliment you most about.

Broadening your horizons. A change of scenery or routine not only kills boredom. It also opens your mind to new things. It presents a wide range of experiences that you will rarely come across in the familiar comforts of your home or city.

Adventures can take on different forms. For some, it may be the thrill of adventure traveling to unfamiliar destinations. For others, it may be going off the grid for weeks at a time in places where they can unplug and disconnect from the routines of everyday life. Whatever your views on adventure and travel may be, you might be surprised by how it can be a life-changing experience.